The inspiration for this website came from a Scripture song I heard over 10 years ago at a ladies retreat:

Like Apples of Gold in pictures of silver
A word fitly spoken shall be,
Like Apples of Gold in pictures of silver
Let my life bring glory to thee.

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Although some of the "stories" listed are made up, the Scriptural truths they illustrate are very real and can be of great benefit in a Christian's walk with the Lord and as illustrations for the lost.

It is my heart's desire that amongst the pages of this website, the Christian find words of encouragement and be spurred on to service for our Lord, and that seekers of the truth find Salvation in the timeless truths of God's Word for these troubled times.

- Angela

ABC’s From My Heart

ABC’s From My Heart

Thou art my Advocate, always interceding for me

My Bridegroom I will one day face-to-face see

A Cornerstone Thou art to my Christian foundation

My Deliverer from all trials as well as temptation

My Everlasting Father Thou has a Hand of great mercy

A Fountain, My thirst Thou removest far from me

Thou art my Guide, without Thee I do wander

My High Priest, for my salvation Thou didst suffer

Immanuel, God with us, alone I won’t be

My Judge, Thou wilt judge me righteously

O King, how I long to witness Thy reign

Thou becamest a Lamb, for my salvation to gain

My Mediator, to the Heavenly Father Thou proclaimest

Thy Name is above all Names, Thou art surely the Greatest

Only Begotten of the Father, The First and the Last

Thou art the Passover, buried my sins in the past

Quicken my heart, Thy Spirit I desire

Redeemer of my sins and from hell’s eternal fire

O Shepherd of my soul, Thou carest for me

Thou art the True Vine, I would perish without Thee

United with the Father, Thy voice do I hear

Victorious o’er death no more shall I fear

Word of Life Thou has truly opened mine eyes

To witness Thy EXample of love from on high

Thou art Yahweh, the Great and the Most High One

Thy Zeal for redemption, my soul Thou hast won!

Kate Plourde
June 17, 2002

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